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How to use PPC to win more clients

How to use PPC to win more clients

<p>Have you been wasting money on Adwords or Bing's advertising platform? Well you won't be the first to admit it and you won't be the last, but what we can give you today is a great guide to getting some of that money back by getting your revised Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign running as it should and giving you the ROI you've been desperately searching for.</span></p> So, what we want you to do is to follow these simple 5 steps to reinvigorate your PPC budget, campaign and ROI goals.<p></p> <h5>1) Separate Your Ad Groups</h5> <p>The Google Quality Score is your utmost priority and you've got to ensure you create clear separation between all areas of your campaign. This allows you to focus on relevant keywords and ad text. By separating your Ad Groups into clear and distinct areas your Quality Score will increase if you follow this step and the subsequent ones below.<br></p> <h5>2) Choose keywords per Ad Group</h5> <p>Obviously you're going to need keywords to trigger your ads. Selecting highly targeted and relevant keywords will drive up your ad delivery and also allow you to engage with prospects that are truly interested in what you're selling.</p> <p>Create keywords that belong to distinct areas within your marketing funnel. If you're targeting people at the top of the funnel be more general and for people at the bottom of the funnel be extremely specific - this will hone your campaign and deliver a higher ROI and increased conversion rates.<br></p> <h5>3) Create Compelling Ads</h5> <p>Your ads need to be written around the Ad Groups and Keywords you have chosen above. Don't use ad text that doesn't use most of your keywords as your ad will be shown less and your Quality Score will be lower. This also ensures that your keywords will be highlighted in bold text so they stand out more. This gives you a higher chance of being clicked on by the prospects you're targeting rather than being ignored.<br></p> <h5>4) Get Your Landing Pages Sorted Out</h5> <p>This is the one area in an Adwords or Bing PPC campaign that most businesses forget about. If you're sending people to your homepage (and 80% of SME businesses do this) you're wasting your budget! Stop, think and create compelling landing pages per advert. This will generate you a lower Bounce Rate and higher conversion rates which means you'll be getting a higher ROI on your campaign.<br></p> <h5>5) Use Re-Marketing To Convince Back Visitors<br></h5> <p>Re-Marketing is Google's hidden little gem that many forget to use. It allows you to create marketing lists that will show adverts to people who have already been to your website. When a prospect sees your re-marketing advert and clicks on it the Cost Per Click or CPC is much lower than a search term CPC. Those prospects have already seen you and visited your site so are more likely to convert into business if you show them the right advert and then send them to a page that is super-specific to what they are interested in. This is where you'll need another landing page per re-marketing advert to ensure they are more likely to convert.</p> <h5>To sum it all up</h5> <p>Take a strategic view of your PPC campaign. Research, plan and put some real thought into your Adwords campaigns and use the tips above to create a stunning PPC ROI. If you're struggling then we are always here to help with your <a target="_blank" href="">Pay-Per-Click Campaigns</a> as we are skilled in the detail knowledge you need to really deliver great returns on your investment.</p>


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