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How To Write Articles For Your Website That Perform

How To Write Articles For Your Website That Perform

<p>Over the years there have been a number of digital marketing fads such as keyword stuffing and spinning content, but none of these were destined to work for long-term, high search engine ranking positions. What will get you up there is a fast website, useful  and unique content. This is a foundation of Content Marketing and it's not a new thing at all, it's been around the entire time but only a handful of agencies (ours included) have been trumpeting this course of action.</span></p><h5>The basics<br></h5><p>Content Marketing is firstly about getting the content on your website right. It's about understanding what your readers are going read and find useful. Once you have ascertained this, you'll be able to look at your content again and perform re-writes to hit the level of interest your visitors expect.</p><p>Most people think it's about writing vast amounts of copy. This just isn't true! Your content should be at least 500 words long - anything less means it's probably not worth talking about in the first place. The length ensures you can get across your USP's and also covers the topic in enough detail for the reader to find it useful. Remember, you know your product inside and out, but your visitors might not, so keep the balance right in terms of technical delivery.<br></p><h5><span class="_Tgc">Flesch Reading Ease</span></h5><p><span class="_Tgc">If you're not checking the "reading level", you're missing a trick. The Flesch Reading Ease Score is something that is built into Microsoft Word so you have no excuse to not use this to test your copy. You should be targeting a reading age of 12 years old as this will ensure your readers will easily read it. Any older than that and it'll be harder to scan and digest. Another plus point about using this metric is that Google loves content that's simple to understand so they'll use this score to rank you higher as well.</span></p><h5><span class="_Tgc">Ensure it's unique</span></h5><p><span class="_Tgc">Whatever you do, don't copy and paste it from another site! Your copy has to be unique otherwise you'll be punished by search engines. There is no excuse for copying content from somewhere else and we want you to be seen as "best in class", so ensure you write it from scratch every time.</span></p><h5><span class="_Tgc">Keep it punchy</span></h5><p><span class="_Tgc">People are inherently lazy, so if you break up your content by the clever use of headings you'll keep people interested. You'll see the perfect example in this article. We have broken it down into bite size chunks rather than a single page of copy. This keeps you interested as you can quickly check if the content is worth reading...and we hope it is! ;-)<br></span></p><h5><span class="_Tgc">And finally...<br></span></h5><p><span class="_Tgc">Once you've created your awesome, unique and interesting content you need to push it out via the channels you have in your marketing arsenal. Primarily these are Facebook and Twitter. Hashtag up the tweets in the right way and ensure you use an image to help it become more visible. You can also use LinkedIn, however we advise that you to create a snippet of content that's unique for LinkedIn and then link that post back to your website - that way you'll be getting more traffic to the site.<br></span></p><p><span class="_Tgc">Content Marketing isn't difficult and we'll be adding more information and guides on how to get this right as the months roll on. However we hope these top tips to Content Marketing have helped you get a clearer picture of what you should be doing.<br></span></p>


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